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The Atascadero monolith — technically an obelisk — was the third discovered in the last month.

The first monolith was found by public safety workers in a remote Utah desert on November 18. Though it seems to have been there for years before it was found, it disappeared almost as suddenly as the world learned of it on November 27.

The same day, a second monolith appeared in Romania, only to disappear from it's mountain-top location outside the city of Piatra Neamt on December 2.

On that same day, a third monolith appeared at the top of Pine Mountain in Stadium Park.

The four men who created and installed the third monolith are Travis Kenney, his father Randall Kenney, Wade McKenzie and Jared Riddle.

McKenzie and the Kenneys are life-long residents of Atascadero, a sleepy town on the coast of Central California. Travis Kenney and McKenzie have been exceptionally close friends for pretty much their whole lives. Riddle is Kenney's cousin. All think of each other as brothers. They are fabricators and artists who share a deep appreciation for each other and their local community.

As it did for all of us, 2020 rocked their worlds in the worst ways.

Business has been tough. Peace of mind has been hard to come by. And just a few week ago, McKenzie suffered the loss of his father, Gary, who passed away suddenly due to COVID-19-related complications.

After learning of the second monolith, Travis had a thought: There were three monoliths in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Why not build the third themselves and make the triad complete?

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